It’s not just about Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery.

It’s about Business Continuance!

Can you survive during a business disruption? This is the most important part of your business IT strategy!

Being able to recover from a disaster is only part of equation. Being able to continue during a disaster is The KEY! When disaster strikes it’s not just a matter of getting the servers and data restored; you have to be able to continue to do business during the recovery process! Can you get email? Can you process invoices? Can you take phone calls? Can you continue to make sales?

ACS assists you with the planning and implementation of a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, (BCDR) Plan. But we don’t stop there, we will help you test the plan and educate your team members on their role during the disaster. BCDR doesn’t stop in the work place. Your Team Members are as much a key to your success as the customer. You can’t operate your business without your team. Know where they are in a disaster and how to stay in communications. Educate your team on home planning and personal disaster recovery planning as well.