Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, and Business Continuance!

Probably one of the most important consideration in your Business and IT Strategy! Being able to recover from a disaster is only part of the success. Being able to continue during a disaster is The KEY!

When disaster strikes; getting the servers and data restored quickly is critical! But, the real key is being able to continue to conduct business during the recovery process! Can you get email? Can you take customer phone calls? Can you continue to make sales? Do you have a plan?


Managed Services – IT Support

Managed Services is comprised of several elements. The key elements are Patching, Updating, Maintaining and Monitoring.

Computers and servers need to be properly maintained to ensure continuous operation (NO DOWN TIME!). This is accomplished by staying up to date with manufacturer Patches and Updates and following routine maintenance schedules.

Who’s watching over your technology?

Managed Security

A very important element of Managed Services is the management of the security. The security elements are comprised of the perimeter, the desktop and physical security.

Many times it is believed that by simply installing a firewall and antivirus software you are covered. This is very wrong. The firewall and the Anti-Virus need to be maintained and updated regularly. We don’t have to tell you how important this is, you see it in the news all the time.

Break-Fix Services – Computer Repair

Built around the concept that not all small business can afford to pay monthly fee’s to out sourced IT companies, ACS provides competent, experienced, and certified technical support to small business on an “as Needed Basis” also known as Break-Fix .

The name says it all! “Affordable” and dependable.

Managed Email

Are you getting to much junk mail? Do you have to keep email for compliance? Ever try to locate something in email only be become frustrated?

ACS’s Managed Email will block most junk mail, store every message for up to 7 years and give you the ability to find specific email quickly using eDiscovery Tools.

Managed Print – Copier Solutions

Most copier companies provide Managed Print services for the larger copier and sometimes overlook the rest of the print fleet. At ACS we provide a complete print fleet management solution. All you have to do is put the paper in the printers and print. We worry about the rest.

Data Management – Backup Solutions

Offsite Data backup is vital to your Business Continuity and Disaster Recover plan. Managing that data and the cost to warehouse it is equally important. Affordable Computer Solution Hybrid Backup and Disater Recovery Solution helps you manage your data and reduce the cost of data cold storage  in your cloud storage.

Telephone Systems and Solutions

From Hosted Systems to Premised Based PBX Solutions, ACS is sure to have the right solution to meet your Business Communications goals. Affordable Computer Solutions provides cost effective telephone systems either onsite or hosted, (Voice over IP, VoIP).

Complete Communications Consulting and hosted phone system, (VoIP) with no contracts, anywhere in the US!

What do your clients hear when they call you?